A Little Taste of Heaven

Note from the Coordinators

Craigsville Campmeeting Association

Beef Fund

Thank you Kim and Volunteers!
We appreciate you!
          Craigsville Campmeeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 19, 2022 through Friday, June 24, 2022.  Pastor Gerald Rudd will be the evangelist and Brother Greg Alexander serving as the music/worship minister. A full schedule and camp promotional items to share and distribute to your family, friends, and congregation will be available for download from this website in the near future.
          Your donation underwrites and supports the Craigsville Campmeeting Association’s entire food service and kitchen expense budget that includes the cost of food, kitchen tools/utensils, appliances, equipment, service items, paper goods, cleaning supplies, plasticware, trash bags, etc. for both the cafeteria and snack bar for campmeeting, Camp Agape, the ministers’ retreat, and two work weeks. 
        We hope you will consider supporting the  2022 Beef Fund so the Association may continue offering great meals for as little as possible.  Everyone who attends camp enjoys good food and great fellowship without worrying about the price of meals.
          For your convenience you can give to the Beef Fund online at http://www.cc-bf.org.  You can give a one-time gift or setup recurring monthly gifts  by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page. Gifts to the Beef Fund are tax deductible.  If you choose to contribute by check, please make checks payable to Craigsville Campmeeting Beef Fund.  The mailing address is:
Bill & Carla Oliver
209 Race Street
Westover, WV 26501
          We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and want you to know how much we appreciate the valuable contributions that have made previous years Beef Fund campaigns such a great success. The success would not have been possible without you! We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work, serve and worship with you.We look forward to the future as we continue to build and strengthen our relationship with you!  We appreciate your dedication, enthusiasm, commitment, and investment in the work of the Craigsville Campmeeting Association.
Thank you so very much for your consideration,
Bill & Carla Oliver
Beef Fund Coordinators